Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP)

Requirements for Application Submission

In order to legally use medical marijuana, you first need to obtain a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card. To get an MMMP Card you need your medical records, a doctor certification, the required paperwork, and Michigan proof of identity.

Once you have visited a doctor and received your recommendation, you must mail your application, the signed certification from the doctor, a photocopy of your Michigan ID or Driver's license, and a check for $100 to "State of Michigan - MMMP". The MMMP mailing address should be listed at the top of the application form.

If you would like, we can mail everything to the State for an additional $25. We will cut the check and mail everything right in front of you, but you must bring all required items and money for all fees: $100 to State of Michigan, $75 for Doctor Visit, $25 for mailing services.

The MMMP usually mails you the card after about 21 days. If you have any problems with receiving your card, refer to the contact information on the top of the application forms. The whole process takes about a month to complete.

MMMP Forms


All applicants must be over 21 years of age. The state mandate is 18 however we are a member of project Cloverleaf and this requires us to only certify 21 years and up because we are located within 10 miles of major a university.

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